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Frequently Asked Questions



Prices vary due to quality of puppy.  Please do not try to negotiate prices.  If you are interested in this breed then you should be aware you get what you pay for, we strive for, and take pride in showcasing & breeding  show quality and healthy pups versus poor quality with health issues. 

Why are no prices listed on your site?



Bulldogs have a cery comical, fun yet dependable personality, although they might look as if at times they have a blank expression, their little minds are always working at full speed, and ready to give you love at any time. A bulldog is happy if it is located in an appartment or on acres of land. He/ she will have burst of energy and will have no problem using it, regardless of the size home, your new pup will make themselves comfortable. Bulldog puppies can be frisky, they love chasing balls, and running around with you, as they get older, sometimes they reserve their energy and like to be a couch potato, but certainly still love to be silly, and enjoy nice walks when it is cool outside. Bulldogs are polite and love, getting loved! While at times they can be politely reserved, they love to bark to let you know your friends and family have arrived to your home, otherwise they are quite dogs. Usually bulldogs are very calm with other dogs, even males dogs with other male dogs, at random they might bark back and forth, as most dogs do..


You will need patience when it comes to training a bulldog sometimes they can seem as what some would call stubborn and even challenging to train, but once he/she gets a hang of it, you will be very impressed in how they remember what they learned. All they need is a little motivation!


They love to snore, thats part of the territory with short-faced breeds. You'll grow to love it! Caution with bulldogs and deep pools, the shape of their bodies, and heavier heads make it difficult for them to swim, as they more then likely would sink right to the bottom. Bulldogs are smaller breed, but solid, sturdy, loves to be a lap-dog, however they are not all to delicate to be the perfect lap-dog if that is what you are looking for. Warning you will melt in your dogs eyes, they express with their eyes. Bulldogs, tend to have alot of gassiness, and as said previously, sometimes are slow to housebreak. But, some pee pee pads, and determaination will do the trick!


Although bulldogs can cost a high penny, they are worth the cost, for the companionship you will receive is well worth it. Since the bulldogs are known and loved for their short nosed faces, the heat is no good for them, hot or humid weather is easily give your dog a high rick of heatstroke because they can't pant the same as long nosed dogs, to lower their body heat. The best thing for a bulldog is a Y shaped harness that wraps around his chest, not the throat. A regular dog collar puts way to much pressure on the windpipe and makes it hard for breathing.


You want to make sure you wash, and dry the folds of the skin on a bulldogs face on the regular, you don't want food, tears, and such making his creases so moist that they dry up and start to crack and become itchy. You can do this with moist towels, and wipes.


You must remember bulldogs are not Labs, or Golden retrievers. They can be stubborn, and you are the one who can change that! You change this by being persistant, training, and following through with what you say, snacks are a great training and rewarding treat for them, when doing something correctly. Just make sure if your training with alot of treats to provide exercise, you don't want a overweight dog, its unhealthy for them.


Crate training is your best choice with a bulldog, you should expect 4-6 months of consistent training in order to house break. Some bulldogs slobber, some drool after eating and drinking, most bulldogs gulp air when they drink and eat, this is what causes their gassiness.

Is a Bulldog for me?

When is your next litter coming?

If you could fill out the form on the previous page, we could add you to our mailing list, although we have a growing number of people on the waiting list, sometimes people change their minds, and we would love to be the first to let you know if a pup becomes avaiable.

The anwser to this question is no. The reason being is every puppy comes from different blood lines. Select breeds require more attention, special diets, and 24 hour watch. Delivery costs, and doctors visits. However for your conveince, I listed what some might consider a basic price list, with ball park estimates of price ranges in the US.


 Rescue dogs: a fee to cover any vet bills that have incurred by the rescue, housing, and lots of love and understanding.

QUALITY AKC breeder show quality dog: $3,500 to $5,000 or more.

QUALITY AKC breeder, pet quality dog: $2,000 to $3,500.

"Backyard breeder", unknown quality dog: $1,000 to $2,000.


"Puppy Mill", unknown parents, unknown quality dog: $600-$800 to 1,000.


Some breeders tend to give away pups that they cannot sell, or lower the price. Here at williamsburg bulldogs we could never see ourselves putting one of our pups in any harms way, if the pup is not placed we will keep it and tend to it as our very own, until a loving home is provided. This is why we offer a fostering system.


Please be respectful of the above prices, these are not in black and white, and some breeder give deals, and have discounts. I would not want another breeder, or a potention customer, to think the above prices are set in stone. As previously stated these are just ball-park estimates.


Bulldog litters are difficult and expensive for breeders. Dogs and bitches are screened for their eyes, spine, and hips before mating. Dogs are often tested for motility. Bitches are often progesterone tested before they come into heat. Bitches are often artificially inseminated, and often deliver with cesarean section.

Breeding Bulldogs is not a money-making endeavor. Many people that offer to sell you their puppy are barely breaking even (unless they are a puppy mill). Even with sky-high puppy prices and waiting lists, I do not know any French Bulldog breeders driving Porsches these days

Isn't there a standard price list?

Mostly, yes. No dog should be unsupervised around infants and toddlers who poke and pull them, including Frenchies.

Generally, Frenchies like anyone who pets them or shows them affection. Sometimes Frenchies will gravitate to adults because they know that adults pet and scratch them better than children.

If the child is old enough to show them affection then the bulldog will become a close friend and guardian.

Bulldogs will follow children dropping food all day long.

Child friendly Bulldog?

Responsible breeders focus is on reproducing the positive health and character traits of the breed and its bloodlines. Their motivation is love of the breed, and over all well-being of the animals.

Many responsible breeders offer advise, allow you to call with any questions, and offer information on the parents of the pup. As well as having first set of shots, before allowing you to take the pup, once the pup hits the proper age to be taken home.

Many responsible breeders also encourage (or insist) that you return your bulldog to them for ANY reason if you cannot care for your it. Here at Williamsburg bulldogs, we would never want a pup in harms way, or not be cared for, in any reason. As with most breeders, you may not get any money back unless it is a puppy still, depending on the time frame, but rest assured your Frenchie will have a loving home, and be taken care of and you will have peace of mind..

A good breeder will share plenty of info about their kennel and breeding practices. A good breeder will share its puppies' Sire and Dam pedigrees.[refer to male page] If your bulldogs bloodlines had hip or eye problems in the past, your breeder will know if your new puppy is prone to similar traits.


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