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Wlliamsburg Bulldogs

Here at Williamsburg Bulldogs we offer top quality French and English bulldogs. Our dogs are mainly from European and Russian imported stock, as well as American lines. We breed for conformation and show, but more importantly, we breed healthy Our Story:

We purchased our first bulldog "Bustda" in 1997 from a pet store.  Little did we know that the pet store's affiliated vet gave us clean bill health only for us to discover as he grew older that he had many issues.  Bustda, as we discovered had a bad hip which was not aligned, had a underbite with crooked teeth and a heart condition that allowed him a short life with us for 3 years.  We were so heartbroken and vowed never to purchase from a pet store.  We did our research and was able to find our first breeding bitches "Diesel Ruby Red" and "Blue Moon Mathilda" both with champion bloodlines.  Both Ruby and Tilllie lived more than 10 years with us.  From then on we always ask extensively with potential buyers or rescue homes what do they know about the breed.  We want to be assured our puppies are placed in loving homes.


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